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  • Model: BP-22413CNC
  • Weight: 29,718.31lb
  • Dimensions:
  • 165.35in x 70.07in x 124.40in
  • SKU: 1000791
  • Fully welded all steel construction helps prevent deformation and minimize flex during the bending process
  • Weighs a whopping 29,718.31 Lbs. | 13,480 Kgs. for massive structural strength that ensures accurate results
  • Delivers up to 224 U.S. tons | 203.2 metric tons of pressure over the entire 157.48" | 4,000 mm table length and 120" | 3,048 mm of distance between the housings
  • 15 HP | 11.19 kW Motor runs on 220V/3 Phase/60 Hz. electric power
  • 12.59" | 320 mm Throat depth
  • Industrial grade hydraulic system with a Vickers | Eaton® pump will keep the machine running smoothly and reliably
  • Torque tube connects the 2 hydraulic cylinders stay synchronized and parallel to the bending table at all times
  • Chain drive linkage keeps hydraulic cylinders in time with each other, the machine stays balanced and lasts longer
  • Hydraulic cylinders are near the back of the machine for convenient fluid changes
  • Runs in single bend mode or programmable mode
  • Comes standard with 2 axes of control, stroke and back gauge distance
  • Controller is so simple that could train someone to use it in 5 minutes
  • Programmer stores up to 40 programs with up to 25 bends per program, great for saving time on production
  • Bending is accurate to ± .00039" | ± .01 mm, ensuring that parts come out right the first time
  • Main electrical components made in Germany by Weidmueller and Schneider® will give years of trouble free productivity
  • Can make a complete part without touching the controller, push the metal in while pressing the foot pedal
  • Choose between 2 speeds, a rapid approach and retract and a slow bending speed
  • Speed option lets to reduce cycle time and make the shop more efficient
  • Chain drive back gauge system uses tried-and-true technology that can maintain easily
  • 23.62" | 600 mm Back gauge can advance or retract according to programmed instructions
  • Includes support arms around 2 feet in length
  • Comes standard with tooling, a multi-Vee bottom die and gooseneck punches - European style
  • Quick release tool holders let to make changes easily, just open a lever and it drops the top die out, no time consuming cap screws
  • Crowning adjustment dial gives the option to deliver more pressure in the center of a bend for consistency all the way across
  • Safety light curtains prevent the machine from bending when someone is too close
  • Light curtains will swing open and get out of the way when doing a tool change
  • Accepts standard press brake tooling for a wide variety of options
  • Foot pedal brings the stroke up and down, just input the specs on the controller, then press the pedal for each bend
  • This CNC hydraulic press brake ships fully assembled, just uncrate it, plug it in, and get started
Bending Pressure (U.S. Ton | Metric Ton) 224 | 203.2
Table Length (In. | mm) 157.48 | 4,000
Distance Between Housings (In. | mm) 120 | 3,048
Distance from Table to Ram (In. | mm) 19.68 | 500
Throat Depth (In. | mm) 12.59 | 320
Stroke Distance (In. | mm) 7.87 | 200
Bending Speed per Second (In. | mm) .6 | 15.24
Return Speed per Second (In. | mm) 2.36 | 59.944
Approach Speed per Second (In. | mm) 2 | 50.8
Power Back Gauge Length (In. | mm) 23.62 | 600
Motor (HP | kW) 15 | 11.19
Back Gauge Motor (HP | kW) 1/2 | .37
Electric Power Requirement 220V/3 Phase/60 Hz.
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H/In. | mm) 165.35 x 70.07 x 124.4 | 4,200 x 1,780 x 3,160
Shipping Weight (Lbs. | Kgs.) 29,718.31 | 13,480
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Multi-Vee Bottom Die and Gooseneck Punches - European Style
  • Foot Pedal with Emergency Stop Button
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