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  • Model: EF1459
  • Weight: 650.00lb
  • Dimensions:
  • 40.00in x 30.00in x 66.00in
  • SKU: EF1459
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • An all-purpose band saw, it handles all metals, plastics, and woods in a wide variety of cuts
  • The original, the first saw in America to use a patented gravity-feed system that saves time and energy
  • This is actually a horizontal band saw on a vertical frame
  • It is a fast, accurate cut-off machine that is perfect for notching, slitting, and slotting
  • A reliable addition to your shop floor, this band saw doubles as a contour, profile, and rip saw
  • The blade and vertical column travel on an inclined track that feeds into the cut in a straight path
  • Gravity enables the blade to find its most efficient feed rate
  • Counterweight control provides adjustment for optimum cutting pressure and long blade life
  • The work piece remains stationary and your hands need not be in the cutting area during cut-off, an important safety feature
  • Equipped with a hydraulic safety feed regulator and adjustable saw blade guard
  • An adjustable stop can be pre-set to control the depth that the blade travels into the work
  • A large, rigid 18-1/2" x 30" precision ground cast iron table
  • Hardened grooved roller guides allow blades from 1/4" to 3/4" wide without adjustment
  • 14" Diameter x 1-1/8"W Cast iron blade wheels
  • Blade wheels have rubber tires to prevent blade slippage
  • Guards cover 4 step pulleys, blade and lower wheel
Throat Capacity (Max./In.) 8-3/4
Under Guides Capacity (Max./In.) 14-1/2
Blade Travel Into Work (Max./In.) 9
Blade Speeds (SFPM) 70 | 140 | 270 | 525
Guide Rollers for Blade Width (In.) 1/4 | 3/8 | 1/2 | 5/8 | 3/4
Table Size (L x W/In.) 18-1/2 x 30
Table Surface to Floor Distance (Max./In.) 30
Wheel Size (Diameter x W/In.) 14 x 1-1/8
Blade Width (Min. - Max./In.) 1/4 - 3/4
Blade Thickness (In.) .025 | .032 | .035
Blade Length (Max./In.) 120
Main Motor (HP) 1,
110V or 220V/1 Phase/60 Hz. |
220V or 440V/3 Phase/60 Hz.
Please specify
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H/In.) 40 x 30 x 66
Shipping Weight (Lbs.) 650
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Angle Plate Swivel Work Block
  • C-Clamp with Rod for Angle Plate
  • Blade/Speed Selector Chart
  • 3/4" x .035" THK X 120"L x 8/12 Vari-Tooth Bi-Metal Blade
  • 1" Welder, Grinder and Shear Bench Top Unit
  • 1" Guide Rollers
  • Casters - 4 Per Set
  • Chip Dust Blower
  • Contour Guide Assembly
  • Saw Master Accessory Package
  • Double Vise Saw Master Package
  • Work Light - Factory Installed
  • 5' Roller Conveyor
  • 10' Roller Conveyor
  • Semi-Automatic Air Cylinder Return
  • Mist Coolant System
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