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Metalworking Machinery > CNC/NC > Machining Centers > SHARP
Metalworking Machinery > CNC/NC > Machining Centers > X/Y/Z Travels > 24"/12"/18" - 32"/20"/20"
Metalworking Machinery > CNC/NC > Machining Centers > Spindle Taper > CAT-40
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Stock #SV-2414S-F
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• The SV series combines the power of CNC with the ease of a fully integrated user-friendly machining system and designed to provide the features and performance you need - saving time and money, while providing more utility, flexibility, and productivity for many years to come
• FANUCฎ i Series 7.5/10 HP high speed, high torque dual wound high/low AC spindle motor. Quick response with HRV control and stability at constant speed for heavy machining. High speed spindle orientation, high speed high accuracy rigid tapping
• The spindle contains the highest quality THKฎ bearings for support that includes main bearings at spindle nose and rear of cartridge
• Standard surround directable coolant nozzles can be interchanged with custom designed units for high accuracy coolant positioning for any size, shape, or length of tool
• Certified Meehaniteฎ casting, finite element analysis is utilized in pouring Meehaniteฎ casting to provide static and dynamic stiffness, accuracy, thermal stability, and superior vibration dampening for high performance machining
• One-piece base casting, finite webbed machine base casting in one piece offers better vibration dampening capability than bolted-on castings and exceeds welded steel plates
• Induction hardened and ground box way construction on X, Y, & Z axes for additional stability, the base is widened, and the saddle is lengthened. The casting is strengthened with triangular webbing to dampen vibrations during heavy cutting
• High quality keyarrow way covers are designed to keep contaminants from crucial components such as: ball screws, ways, and gibs
• FANUCฎ i Series AC servo motors provide smooth rotation and quick acceleration. High speed and high precision response with HRV control. High precision feed with high resolution absolute pulse coder
• ISO 9001 Certified PMIฎ C-3 grade precision ball screws are made by one of the most prominent ball screw manufacturers in the world
• Direct integral motor coupling has a super high accuracy with velocity and acceleration performance of less than 0.00005" peak-to-peak and is capable of accelerations of 1.0G
• 10 Pocket armless type automatic tool changer with Sure-Trakฎ system is put through a rigorous testing procedure, maintaining over one million tool changes per unit without error. The rigid heavy-duty cam box and tool pockets are enclosed to keep out contaminants
• Air reserve system
• SMARTฎ Automatic lubrication system
• High capacity 42 gallon roll out coolant tank allows for easy maintenance. This 2-in-1 unit is mounted on high grade bearing roller casters for easy access when refilling and cleaning
• Removable chip drawer with chip flushing nozzles at both of sides chip pan
• Full metal enclosure with removable side doors
• Rear access auxiliary/manual tool change door with EStop
• Rigid tapping capability
• FANUCฎ X, Y, & Z Axes auto-measure system
• Remote jog handle
• CE Rated electrics, top quality German-made safety interlocks, switches, relays, and contactors are integrated through PLC for operator safety and easy diagnostics
• FANUCฎ Oi-Mate MD CNC Control
• 8.4" Color LCD display with tool path graphic
• Status display
• Clock function
• Current position display - 31 Characters program name
• Parameter setting and display
• Self-diagnosis function
• Alarm display
• Alarm history display
• Operation message history display
• Help function
• Actual cutting feedrate display
• Group directory display and punch
• Servo setting screen
• Hardware and software configuration display
• Periodic maintenance screen
• Maintenance information screen
• Multi-language display - Preset English
• 4 Types data protection key
• Machine controlled axes on single or up to four paths
• Simultaneously machine controlled axes up to four paths
• Basic X, Y, & Z-axis name
• Optional U, V, W, A, B, & C-axis name
• Least input increment: 0.001mm, 0.001ฐ, 0.0001"
• Optional DMR for flexible feed gear
• Fine acceleration & deceleration control
• HRV3 Control
• All axes, each axis, each direction, block start, or cutting block start interlock
• All axes or each axis machine lock
• Emergency stop
• Overtravel
• Stored stroke check 1
• Each axis mirror image
• Follow-up mode
• Servo off/mechanical handle feed
• Chamfering on/off
• Backlash compensation for each rapid traverse and cutting feed
• Automatic memory operation
• DNC Operation with memory card
• Program number search mode
• Sequence number search mode
• Manual intervention and return mode
• Buffer register function
• Dry run mode
• Single block
• Jog feed mode
• Manual reference position return
• Reference position setting without DOG
• x1, x10, x100, & x1000 Incremental feeds
• G00 Positioning
• Linear interpolation
• Circular interpolation
• In seconds and in revolution dwells
• Threading, synchronous cutting
• G31 Skip function
• G28 Reference position return
• G27 Reference position return check
• 2nd Reference position return
• Maximum 240m/min rapid traverse rate
• F0, 25, 50, 100% Rapid traverse override
• Feed per minute function
• Feed per revolution function
• Tangential speed constant control
• Cutting feedrate clamp
• Automatic acceleration & deceleration - Linear rapid traverse
• Automatic acceleration & deceleration - Exponential cutting feed
• 0 - 254% Feedrate override
• 0 - 655.34% Jog override
• EIA RS244/ISO840 Tape code
• Label skip
• Horizontal and vertical parity check
• In/Out Program control input
• Optional 9 block skips
• ฑ 8 Digits maximum programmable dimension
• O4 Digit program number
• N5 Digit sequence number
• Absolute/incremental programming - Combined use in the same block
• Decimal point programming/pocket calculator type decimal point programming
• 10x Multiply input unit
• G17, G18, & G19 Plane selections
• Rotary axis designation
• Rotary axis roll-over
• Automatic and manual coordinate system settings
• On/Off Manual absolute input
• 4 Folds nested sub program call
• R Programming circular interpolation
• M8 Digit auxiliary function
• Auxiliary function lock
• High-speed M/S/T/B interface
• Multiple command of 3 auxiliary functions
• S5 Digit binary output spindle speed function
• T7 + 1/T6 + 2 Digits tool functions
• ฑ 6 Digits 32 tool offset pairs
• 128 KB 320m Part program storage length
• 400 Registerable programs
• Editing part program
• Program protect function
• External key input
• External program input
• 9999 External workpiece numbers search
• 2 GB Flash drive
• Memory card input/output
• PCMCIA Memory card insertion slot
• RS-232-C Communication port
Stock Number





Maximum X Axis Travel (in.)


Maximum Y Axis Travel (in.)


Maximum Z Axis Travel (in.)


Spindle Nose to Table Surface (in./min.)


Spindle Nose to Table Surface (in./max.)


Spindle Center to Column Surface (in.)


Table Size (in./L x W)

27.55 x 13.78

Table T-Slot Center Distance (in.)


Table T-Slot Width (in.)


Number of Table T-Slot


Saddle Width (in.)


Maximum Weight on Table (lbs.) 770
Spindle Taper CAT-40
AC Spindle Motor 10/15 HP
Maximum Spindle Speed (RPM) 8,000
Spindle Drive System Direct Speed Belt Drive
Spindle Standard Torque (ft-lb/max. @ RPM) 36 @ 1,500
Automatic Tool Changer Tools Capacity 10
Automatic Tool Changer Type Armless
Maximum Tool Diameter (in.) 4.7
Maximum Tool Weight (lbs.) 15.4
Tool Selection Method Address Code
Tool-to-Tool Tool Change Time (sec.) 7.5
Chip-to-Chip Tool Change Time (sec.) 8.1
X-Axis Rapid Traverse Feedrate (IPM) 787
Y-Axis Rapid Traverse Feedrate (IPM) 787
Z-Axis Rapid Traverse Feedrate (IPM) 709
Maximum Cutting Feedrate (IPM/min. - max.) 0.04 - 393.7
X-Axis AC Servo Motor 2.4 HP
Y-Axis AC Servo Motor 2.4 HP
Z-Axis AC Servo Motor 3.4 HP
Maximum Thrust Rating on X-Axis Motor (lbs.) 3,909
Maximum Thrust Rating on Y-Axis Motor (lbs.) 3,909
Maximum Thrust Rating on Z-Axis Motor (lbs.) 7,167
Positioning Accuracy (in.) ฑ 0.0002
Repeatability Accuracy (in.) ฑ 0.0001
Air Required (SCFM @ PSI) 5 @ 100

Power Required, Continuous

15 KVA,
220V/3 Phase/60 Hz.

Machine Dimensions - Without Chip Conveyor (in./L x W x H) 73 x 80 x 93
Machine Dimensions - With Spiral Chip Conveyor (in./L x W x H) 84 x 90 x 100
Machine Dimensions - With Belt Chip Conveyor and Cart (in./L x W x H) 128 x 90 x 100
Machine Weight (lbs.) 5,511
• FANUCฎ Oi-Mate MD Control with 8.4" Color LCD Display with Tool Path Graphic
• FANUCฎ X, Y, & Z Axes Auto-Measure System
• Remote Jog Handle
• 10 Pocket Armless Type Automatic Tool Changer with Sure-Trakฎ System
• Air Reserve System
• Automatic Lubrication System
• Work Light
• Complete Coolant System with Adjustable Spindle Nozzles
• Removable Chip Drawer with Chip Flushing Nozzles
• 42 Gallon Roll Out Coolant Tank
• Full Metal Enclosure with Removable Side Doors
• CE Rated Electrics
OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES - Please call for more detail information
• 20 KVA, 440V/3 Phase/60 Hz. Transformer
• BT-40 Tool
• Spiral Type Chip Conveyor
• Flat Type Chip Conveyor
• Tsudakoma RZ-160 6" Indexer w/TPC-Jr Controller, 0.001ฐ Command Unit, Includes Cables, AC Servo Motor

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