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Metalworking Machinery > CNC/NC > Milling/Boring Machines > Spindle Taper > NST-40
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• Millmatic II Deluxe electronic variable speed (EVS) CNC/Manual knee type horizontal mill series provides the ideal solution for the typical combination of single shot work, prototype and short run production
• Special high strength gray iron Meehanite® castings with physical and chemical properties providing low clamping capacity, high modulus of elasticity, and excellent wear characteristics
• Four Fafnir® P-7 (or Barden® P-7) spindle bearings on super precision NST-40 taper spindle with Erickson® threaded spindle nose on vertical milling head
• Horizontal main spindle with NST-40 spindle taper
• 5 HP Main motor on vertical milling head for electronic variable speed (EVS) system with polyvee belt drive that eliminates heat and vibration caused by cogbelt and manual speed change of pulley drive system
• Spindle speed to 5,000 RPM electronically variable in two ranges with LED readout on vertical milling head, electronic and manual brake for rapid spindle stop, centralized control station on head with push button forward/reverse for thru-hole hole tapping
• 5-1/2 HP Main motor on horizontal main spindle with manual variable speed spindle drive
• 35 - 1,800 RPM Infinite variable spindle speed on horizontal main spindle in hi-low ranges for maximum torque and horsepower
• Head is mounted to heavy duty ram with knuckle joint, for maximum rigidity. Worm gear arrangement provides head tilts ± 45° front to rear and swivels ± 90° left to right for added versatility
• The vertical milling head quill is hard chromed with 3-3/8" quill diameter with precision ground rack
• The high tensile strength castings normally have a Brinnell® hardness of 190 to 230HB while hardened surfaces, such as: ways, table top and front, are approximate 480HB, or about Rockwell® 50C scale
• The Turcite coated on X and Y axes ways
• 15-3/4" Wide knee has hardened and ground square and dovetail way guides. This combination provides the rigidity of the square way design and retains the accuracy of the dovetail design
• The saddle has a full 26" bearing length to supporting the table and allowing workpiece weights up to 1,200 lbs.
• A unique 3" diameter outboard column support between knee and base with manual clamp provides outstanding rigidity

Hardened and ground precision ballscrews, 1-1/4" diameter on the X and Y axes to provide better accuracy and durability

• Automatic lubrication system provides oil to all sliding surfaces
• Full length protective cover on front of table
• Complete flood coolant system equipped. Pump is located on top of reservoir machine base inside the column
• Pendant controls with swivel arm, low voltage electrical system with push button control
• EVS System housed in column mounted 220 NEMA type control box for 220V/3 Phase/60 Hz. and 110V electrics with disconnect switch. Optional voltages for 220V/1 Phase, 380V/440V/575V/3 Phase/60 Hz. are available
• ACU-RITE® MILLPWR 2-axis CNC control/3-axis digital readout system
• 2-Axis Controls, manu-prompted conversational shop floor programming and 3-axis DRO operating machine in the manual mode by handwheels
• 10" TFT Flat panel color LCD display with immediate graphic feedback
• Precision glass scales with 0.0001" resolution, for closed-loop feedback, elimination of backlash compensation, high accuracy and repeatability
• Position-trac/find home to re-establish work piece zero after power loss
• Large internal part program storage capacity
• Software travel limits
• Hard key milling functions for selecting routing milling functions - line, arcs, rectangles, circles, etc. by push button. Offsets for length and diameter compensation while machining, allowing to program the part instead of the tool path
• Bolt hole calculations, calculate bolt hole patterns - full and partial circles, linear row/column, rectangular frame, and rectangular array instantly
• Mirror/repeat/rotate to manipulate part programs
• Custom pocket function for programming a continuous closed contour that has irregular shape for multiple passes
• Engrave function, engrave alphanumeric reference into a part - vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or on any arc
• Blend function inserts a radius between two lines, two arcs, or a line and an arc
• Explode function, view program steps like bolting hole patterns, engraving, repeating, rotating, and mirroring in more detail. Start programs at any step
• Feedrate override
• Teach position, use a tool, electronic edge finder, or indicator to create a program from an existing part
• Jog control, move quickly from one location to another - using one axis at a time or two axes simultaneously
• Remote stop/go switch, start and stop movement via a hand-held switch
• DXF File input, reduce programming time by loading part geometry from a CAD file
• Edit capabilities, edit program steps in groups or one at a time
• Math functions, perform math calculations on screen and transfer directly into part programs - add, subtract, multiply, divide, trigonometry, and geometry, RPM
• Powerful high torque DC servo motors on X and Y axes
• High performance dual CPU controller design
Stock Number





Table Size (in.)

11 x 58

Table T-slot (in./W x No. x Pitch)

5/8 x 3 x 2-1/2

Weight on Table (max./lbs.)


Longitudinal Table Travel - X-axis, CNC (in.) 32
Cross Table Travel - Y-axis, Manual (in.) 16
Knee Table Travel - Z-axis, CNC (in.) 12

Ram Travel, Manual (in.)


Vertical Milling Head Spindle Taper


Vertical Milling Head Quill Diameter (in.)


Vertical Milling Head Quill Travel (in.)


Number of Vertical Milling Head Spindle Speeds

Electronic Variable Speed

Range of Vertical Milling Head Spindle Speeds (RPM)

0 - 5,000

Vertical Milling Head Power Quill Feeds (in./rev.)

0.0015, 0.003, 0.006

Vertical Milling Head Tilt, Front/Rear ± 45o
Vertical Milling Head Swivel, Left/Right ± 90o

Horizontal Spindle Taper


Number of Horizontal Spindle Speeds

Infinite Variable Speed

Range of Horizontal Spindle Speeds (RPM)

Low: 35 - 250,
High: 250 - 1,800

Horizontal Milling Arbor Diameter (in.)


Distance Vertical Head Spindle to Table (min./in.) 0
Distance Vertical Head Spindle to Table (max./in.) 18

Distance Vertical Head Spindle to Column (min./in.)


Distance Vertical Head Spindle to Column (max./in.)


Distance Horizontal Spindle Center to Ram (in.) 5-3/4
Column Turret Diameter, Graduated (in.) 16
Knee Width (in.) 15-3/4
Knee to Column Bearing Length (in.) 19
Saddle and Table Bearing Length (in.) 26
Ram and Turret Bearing Length (in.) 19
Ram Length (in.) 36
Vertical Spindle Main Motor 5 HP,
220V/3 Phase/60 Hz.
Horizontal Spindle Main Motor 5-1/2 HP
Overall Dimensions (in./W x D x H) 76 x 65 x 99-3/4
Net Weight (lbs.) 4,600
• Electronic Variable Speed (EVS) System with 5 HP Main Motor on Vertical Milling Head
• Remote Start/Stop Switch for Control System
• Hardened and Ground Table Surface and Ways
• 1" Diameter Horizontal Milling Arbor
• Arbor Supports
• Full Length Protective Cover for Table
• Automatic Lubrication System
• Complete Flood Coolant System
• Tool Box with Tools
• Operation Manual, Parts List, and Inspection Certificate
OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES - Please call for more detail information
• Analog Output Programmable Spindle Speeds
• Auxiliary Machine Interface Box for Controlling Up to Four Devices - Coolant Pump, Rotary Indexers, etc. Can Be Programmed to Automatically Start and Stop
• Electronic Edge Finder Probe, 0.500" Shank, 0.200" Tip
• NEMA/NFPA-79 Controls for 220V/3 Phase/60 Hz. and 110V Electrics with Disconnect Switch
• Safety Guards to Meet Intent of OSHA
• Duplex 110V/1 Phase Outlet on Control Box
• Erickson® Quick Change Lock Nut and Wrench
• Standard Series Air Power Draw Bar with Installation
• Plastic Chip Shield, Spindle Mount with Micro Switch
• Base Mount Chip Pan
• Halogen Work Light
• Air Operated Mist Coolant System
• Electric Operated Mist Coolant System
• Horizontal/Vertical Rotary Table
• Tailstock for Horizontal/Vertical Rotary Table
• Dividing Head
• Milling Machine Vise
• Clamping Kit
• ER Collet Chuck System Complete Kit
• End Mill Adapter Set
• Shell End Mill Adapter Set
• Keyless Drill Chuck and Arbor
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